Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University slaps New York Times with $10M suit for ‘made up’ COVID-19 story

Virginia’s conservative Liberty University today filed a $10 million defamation suit against the embattled New York Times for a “made up” and damaging story that falsely charged that students returning from spring break became infected with the coronavirus because the school stayed open. In a 100-page suit, with exhibits, filed in Virginia’s Lynchburg Circuit Court, the 49-year-old school also […]

How we prevented COVID-19 cases at Liberty University

A crisis model for other institutions to follow in the future First published by Washington Times on Friday, May 8, 2020 Looking back over our plan to prevent COVID-19 cases at Liberty University while simultaneously prioritizing the needs of students who lacked the resources and accommodations to weather the storm, we seemed to have struck the perfect […]

Liberal media smears against Liberty University show dire need for impartial reporting

By Jerry Falwell Jr. – – Tuesday, April 28, 2020 First published at Washington Times ANALYSIS/OPINION: The unique role of a free press in an open society requires members of the media to maintain strict impartiality when publishing news stories — their own industry ethics require it. Incredibly, this is the exact source of growing mistrust […]

We Need More Bold and Tough Leaders in America Once Again

First published at Patriot Post on April 25, 2020 By Jerry Falwell Jr. Have you noticed how few real men and women run for public office anymore? Today, establishment politicians and the media are so ruthless in condemning anyone who colors outside the lines that they’ve scared off most of our best and brightest — […]

Falwell: Religious freedom does not disappear in a pandemic

Years from now, people of faith will continue to be grateful that President Trump and Attorney General Barr stood up for our religious liberties at this perilous time.  First published at Lifezette on April 23, 2020 BY JERRY FALWELL, JR. President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice (DoJ) is taking an historic stand on behalf of […]

FALWELL: Coronavirus Isn’t Disrupting The Media’s Anti-Conservative, Anti-Christian Bias

First published at Daily Caller on April 7, 2020 As the leader of a Christian institution of higher learning, a conservative and a supporter of President Trump, I’m no stranger to smears from the news media. Still, in the midst of one of the worst crises our country has ever faced, even I am shocked […]

At Liberty University We’re Helping Limit the Spread, While Still Fulfilling Our Christian Mission

First published at Newsweek on April 1, 2020 As the coronavirus crisis continues, we must all do our share to limit the spread of the virus. It’s exactly what every American was called to do by President Trump when he extended his social distancing guidelines by another 30 days. As a Christian university, we also […]

Donald Trump does not take black voters and evangelicals for granted

by Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Jack Brewer This article was first published at The Washington Times. Black Americans and evangelical Christians have both played a vital and long-standing role in shaping the culture, society and political landscape of America. This has taken place in completely different political arenas of late, but historically our interests have […]

Iowa voters turn out for Trump

Originally published at The Washington Times (February 7, 2020) Becki and I flew to Iowa this week to serve as surrogates at the Republican caucuses in the Hawkeye state. President Donald Trump’s campaign stationed us at a middle school in the town of Denison, about a two-hour drive west of Des Moines. They booked a room […]

A Unique Tradition That’s Worth Upholding

On Independence Day, we celebrate not only the beginning of our country’s history, but the story behind our shared membership in the American nation — one that the Democrats would prefer that we forget. It is not a time simply to remember the founding, Thomas Jefferson’s immortal words, or the mechanics of how our great […]