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Recent Articles

Iowa voters turn out for Trump

Originally published at The Washington Times (February 7, 2020) Becki and I flew to Iowa this week to serve as surrogates at the Republican caucuses in the Hawkeye state. President Donald Trump’s campaign stationed us at a middle school in the town of Denison, about a two-hour drive west of Des Moines. They booked a room that wound up being much smaller than what was needed. They thought that since it was a foregone conclusion that Mr. Trump would win, there wouldn’t be a big crowd. But the turnout was huge. So I spent my time there sharing with the group how it would be absolute…

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A Unique Tradition That’s Worth Upholding

On Independence Day, we celebrate not only the beginning of our country’s history, but the story behind our shared membership in the American nation — one that the Democrats would prefer that we forget. It is not a time simply to remember the founding, Thomas Jefferson’s immortal words, or the mechanics of how our great republican experiment began. It is the day on which we most remember that we — Americans — are America. This country is not simply a place, nor is it a mere set of ideas. It is a people, a set of shared experiences, institutions, and a story that binds us…

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Statement on Ralph Northam’s comments regarding infanticide

Jerry Falwell, Jr. President, Liberty University January 31, 2019 Governor Ralph Northam’s comments regarding infanticide on Wednesday are reprehensible. He has shown once again that he is not a Governor for all Virginians—not the pro-life and not the unborn. Such extremism has no place in Virginia or America, where each individual has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness endowed by our Creator. I have two granddaughters: one 11 months old and the other is due to be born any day now. The thought of legalizing the murder of either one of them is repulsive and barbaric.      

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President Trump frees Pastor Brunson from Turkey, proves liberal media wrong

The decision by Turkish officials to release American pastor Andrew Brunson, who met with President Trump at the White House on Saturday, was welcome news. It was a testament not only to the president’s strength but, more importantly, his strength of heart and character. A Turkish court freed Brunson Friday, after he had been held prisoner for two years following an attempted military coup in Turkey. He was charged as a conspirator in the plot, but Turkish authorities were unable to provide any satisfactory evidence to back up the charges against him. In truth, the only thing Brunson ever conspired to do was to spread…

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