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Recent Articles

How we prevented COVID-19 cases at Liberty University

A crisis model for other institutions to follow in the future First published by Washington Times on Friday, May 8, 2020 Looking back over our plan to prevent COVID-19 cases at Liberty University while simultaneously prioritizing the needs of students who lacked the resources and accommodations to weather the storm, we seemed to have struck the perfect balance. Our crisis response plan prevented any cases of COVID-19 on our campus, and it serves as a model for other institutions to follow in the future. Let’s face it, the world knows a lot more about preventing and mitigating cases of COVID-19 than we did in March. At the…

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Liberal media smears against Liberty University show dire need for impartial reporting

By Jerry Falwell Jr. - - Tuesday, April 28, 2020 First published at Washington Times ANALYSIS/OPINION: The unique role of a free press in an open society requires members of the media to maintain strict impartiality when publishing news stories — their own industry ethics require it. Incredibly, this is the exact source of growing mistrust of the press by the American people in recent years, as the media obstinately refuse to meet their own standards to be impartial. At Liberty University, our past and recent history of being the target of biased and agenda-driven news stories have given us a unique vantage point to witness the…

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We Need More Bold and Tough Leaders in America Once Again

First published at Patriot Post on April 25, 2020 By Jerry Falwell Jr. Have you noticed how few real men and women run for public office anymore? Today, establishment politicians and the media are so ruthless in condemning anyone who colors outside the lines that they’ve scared off most of our best and brightest — and toughest — leaders from running for office for fear of the consequences for them and their families. It takes a special leader these days who’s willing to enter public service and take the risks needed to make bold, dynamic, fearless, and innovative decisions that improve and even save lives.…

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Falwell: Religious freedom does not disappear in a pandemic

Years from now, people of faith will continue to be grateful that President Trump and Attorney General Barr stood up for our religious liberties at this perilous time.  First published at Lifezette on April 23, 2020 BY JERRY FALWELL, JR. President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice (DoJ) is taking an historic stand on behalf of Americans’ constitutionally guaranteed right to freely exercise their religious beliefs. United States Attorney General William Barr made this clear when he publicized a Statement of Interest expressing the federal government’s firm opposition to “special restrictions on religious activity that do not also apply to similar nonreligious activity,” declaring, “[E]ven in times of…

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